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10.00–23.00  Mon–Thu
10.00–22.00 Fri–Sat
10.00–23.00 Sun

17.00 – 23.00  Mon – Thu
15.00 – 03.00 Fri – Sat
15.00 – 23.00 Sun

10.00–19.00  Mon–Fri
10.00–18.00  Sat
11.00–18.00  Sun

08.30–17.00  Mon–Fri

Fat Cat
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SPACE partners

Making space for brand interactions

Brand partnerships for enhanced experiences

SPACE Partners, where collaboration matters.

Our partners will present the latest product launches, e-sport tournament co-labs, limited edition drops, event takeovers and more to our visitors, fans and members. They bring knowledge and value to our house, continually enhancing the SPACE experience.



  • Menigo

    Menigo is one of Sweden’s leading food distributors. We believe that the power of a great meal can build bridges between people, promote health and contribute to sustainable growth. Together we create better lives for future generations on earth.

  • Samsung Odyssey

    Samsung is a producer of gaming monitors, delivering new experience to the gaming audience with our Odyssey monitor family. With our passion for innovation, the future of gaming is always on top of mind. Rookie or pro – all are welcome!

  • Spendrups

    Spendrups is a Swedish family-owned beverage company that combine strong traditions with innovation. For us, the craft and drinking experience is always in focus. Our range include strong brands such as Loka, Trocadero, Cuba Cola, Naia & Dr Pepper.

  • Webhallen

    Webhallen is one of Sweden’s leading retailers within gaming, computers, components and consumer electronics. We were the first player in Sweden to implement gamification in our membership program, which today consists of over half a million members.




  • Do you want to become a Space Partner?

    Want to partner up with Space for a brand collaboration, commercial event, campaign, or product launch? Or are you interested in featuring your brand at one of the most interactive and high-tech venues in Stockholm? Opportunities are endless. For more info, get in touch!

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