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11.00–23.00  Mon–Sun

17.00–23.00  Mon–Fri
12.00–23.00 Sat–Sun

10.00–19.00  Mon–Fri
10.00–18.00  Sat
11.00–18.00  Sun

08.30–17.00  Mon–Fri

Fat Cat
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Frequently asked questions

Find our most common questions and answers below.

Is there any storage to leave belongings in?

Yes, there are lockers outside of AFK Café.

Is there and age limit in the gaming area?

There is no age limit in the gaming center but there is a 20 year age limit in Space Club (found at the bottom of the house). Please note that you have to be at least 13 years old to create an account in our app.

How do I start a parent account?

Start by downloading the Space app and create an account for yourself. Click on the Space logo in the app to get to the menu. Click on settings and choose Parental Control” and then “Create Minor Account”. Done.

How do I book a Bootcamp room?

Book here.

What game recommendations do you have for kids??

Please talk to our Gamemasters about what your child likes and they will help find the perfect games for you.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do. Available and valid only in Space Market.

What about vaccination certificates?

The Swedish government has decided that from 1 December 2021, vaccination certificates can be used as an infection control measure at public events and public gatherings that take place indoors and gather more than 100 people. Only people who are 18 years and older will need to show vaccination proof. Space will require vaccination certificates for such gatherings. As for now, it is our assessment that visitors will not need to show vaccination certificates to visit Space Gaming. However, we follow new regulations and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency closely.

How does Space work with minimizing the spread of Covid-19?

Space follows the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency. Our premises are disinfected on a daily basis. We provide hand disinfectant throughout our premises and offer face masks free of charge for visitors who wish to use one. Our employees are tasked with ensuring that distance is kept between visitors. Our technical equipment monitors how many people are in a certain space, which allows us to re-arrange the visitor flow if needed. We also avoid crowding by having a one-way system in our premises, i.e. separate entrance and exit. Moreover, visitors with visible symptoms of Covid-19 will be told to leave the premises.

Can I bring animals to Space?

We love animals, but unfortunately we can’t allow them at Space. This mainly because of allergies and the health of the animals.

How do I get to Space?

Space is located in the 5th Hötorget building in close proximity to Sergels Torg. Nearest public transport is T-Centralen or Hötorget.

Where is Space located?

Sergelgatan 2: Space: Market, Avicii Experience, Gaming, Space Club, Café & Bar
Space Arena: Sergels Torg
Mäster Samuelsgatan 45: Space Community
Sergels Torg 12: Fat Cat

I lost something on my last Space visit, how do I get it back?

If you lost something visiting us we advise you to send an email to with a description (preferably including an image) of what you lost. We will have a look in our Lost & Found and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Avicii Experience opening hours

Find Avicii Experience opening hours and general info here.

Fat Cat opening hours

Mon – Thu
11.30 – 14.00
17.00 – 23.00

11.30 – 14.00
16.00 – 23.00

12.00 – 23.00


Opening hours and contact info here.

Space Community opening hours

08.30–17.00 Mon–Fri

Space Market opening hours

10.00–19.00  Mon–Fri
10.00–18.00  Sat
11.00–18.00  Sun

Space Club opening hours

17.00–23.00  Mon–Fri
12.00–23.00  Sat–Sun

Space Gaming opening hours

11.00–23.00 Mon–Sun

Space opening hours

10.00–20.00 Mon–Sun

What’s the gaming rate at Space?

1 hour: 49 SEK
3 hours: 139 SEK
5 hours: 199 SEK
Night gibs: 250 SEK

What are the gaming center computer specifications?

Intel i7 processor
Nvidia GeForce RTX™ 3080
27″ screen

Do you host night gibs at Space?

We host night gibs during weekends and school holidays, between 22.00-07.00. To participate you need a night gib pass that gives you access to a certain computer during the hole length of the gib. It is not possible to play by the hour. During night gibs we will host tournaments and also, once in a while, throw in a surprise or two for our nocturnal guests.

Book you seat via Space Gaming App, available at App Store and Google Play.

Where does all the Space gaming equipment and gear come from?

All gaming setup equipment and gaming gear come from HyperX, Samsung Odyssey, SecretLab and Webhallen.

What’s the hourly gaming rate at Space?

1 hour: 49kr
3 hours: 139kr
5 hours: 199kr

What’s the age limit at Space Club?

20 years of age.

Who do I contact if I want to book Space Arena for an event?

Contact and we’ll help you out.

How many people can fit in Space Arena?

At a seated event it can host approx. 450 guests. At events with both seated and standing guests it can host approx. 550 guests.

What kind of tech can you find in Space Arena?

19×5 meter wide 8K LED-screen
58m² stage
Each seat has a regular power point and a USB
Rows can be detached to create further space for a standing audience or club
Sound and light system
Camera and broadcast possibilities

What’s the size of the Space Arena stage?

The stage is 58 m².

What is Space Arena?

Space Arena is a a broadcast ready venue with the ambition to become the Swedish national esport arena.

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