A unique platform that boosts your gaming.

Through the app you purchase gaming hours and passes. The app also works as a key to SPACE and our computers.

When creating an account in the app, you must identify yourself. Either directly in the app through BankID, or at our reception via an identity card or passport. If you are under 13 years old, your parents must create an account for you.

How to get started with the app


How to get started with the app

Read our guide on how to get started with the app.

FAQ about the app

Below you'll find common questions and answers about the app. Of course, you are always welcome to ask questions directly at the reception and to our game masters on site.

Click the SPACE logo and then “booking/pass”.

Of course! Just bring a valid ID and we will verify you manually in our reception. 

Create an account (with BankID)

Download theSPACE Gaming app.

Login with BankID. Fill in email, phone number, first and last name.

Bank card can be skipped if you have Swish.

Check that everything works by having them open the QR code on the home screen and show them how the app works.

Create an account (without BankID).

Download theSPACE Gaming app.

Login withOther Methods at the bottom. Fill in all the information.

Bring a valid ID and get help from the Game Masters on site.

Create a Minor Account:

Download theSPACE Gaming app on the parents phone. Log in with BankID (or pressOther Methods if you don‘t have BankID). Once the account is created, press the SPACE logo in the upper left corner of the app.

PressSettings. PressParental Control. Create aMinor account”.

Enter the child‘s information as this will be the child‘s account. Write down the username and password somewhere safe as you may need these details in the future!

Now the child should also download theSPACE Gaming app. They should log in underOther Methods using the username and password you just chose.

Buy gaming hours:

Go to the first page of the app. Press the icon in the lower right corner

You need to buy gaming hours to log in to our computers.

Either buy through our café AFK which is in direct connection to SPACE Gaming. Or you can log in to the SPACE Gaming app, press thewallet icon in the top right cornerAll Categories Choose the passes/hours you want to buy by pressing on the light blue bag on the passes/hours. Then press on the basket at the top right corner. Then pressComplete Order Swish/credit card will appear on the screen and selectPay“. A receipt will be sent to your mail for all your purchases.

To enter SPACE Gaming you need to download SPACE Gaming app and create an account.

Click the blue button far down on your screen and scan your QR code at the right hand side of the portal.

If the QR code doesn’t work, increase the level of light on your phone.

You can also create a new QR code by clicking the blue button again.

If it doesn’t work, take contact with a game master.


SPACE gaming-app

SPACE gaming-app

Use BankID to log in to our app and buy gaming hours. The app also works as a key to SPACE and our computers.

Our events

Upcoming events at SPACE

SPACE for Gaming


SPACE for Gaming

Our computers are equipped with the Space Launcher, providing easy access to your games, apps and services. Order drinks directly from the launcher and have it served at your computer station by one of our staff members.

Our prices

Choose what suits you best. Book per hour, day, week, or month.

Book per hour

Book per hour

When you want to play for one or a couple of hours. You can easily add more hours in the SPACE app.

Day pass

Day pass

Get access to SPACE gaming during 24 hours with our single day pass.



Go unlimited gaming for a longer period of time with weekly or monthly passes.