House rules 

Everyone is welcome at SPACE. We don’t care about your gender, your religion or your sexual preference. We don’t even care if you are of a different opinion as long as you stick to our House Rules when you are here and use our platforms.  

At SP ACEyou have to treat your fellow gamers and visitors with respect. If not you will receive a warning and after 3 warnings your account will be shut down. However, we do believe in giving people second chances. Therefore, you can take a training course to learn our House Rules by heart and take a test. If you pass – your account will be activated again. If you consume pornographic content or violate the law on our premises or our platforms you will be permanently banned from SPACE. 

Violation of the rules below will give you a warning: 

  • Only SPACE Members are allowed at the SPACE Gaming facilities 
  • You are not permitted to bring your own food into our facilities 
  • You are not allowed to use disrespectful language in any way 
  • Keep the volume at conversation level 
  • Use of alcohol is only allowed in SPACE Bar 

Violation of the rules below will have you permanently banned: 

  • Bullying and harassment, either online or offline 
  • Use of any pornographic material online or offline 

Violation of the rules below will have you permanently banned & reported to the police: 

  • Aggressive behavior or causing physical damage towards other guests or personnel 
  • Use and handling of drugs or other illegal substances 
  • Theft and shoplifting 
  • You are not allowed to cause damage to any of our equipment or our facility 
  • Data trespass, hacking or use of illegal software 
  • Use of illegal sites, forums or chats 
  • Engaging in any illegal activity, either online or offline