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18 February, 14:00

SPACE Gaming

Welcome to SPACE Open in CS2 2v2 Wingman!

SPACE Open takes place every Sunday (starting from 7/1-2024) at SPACE Gaming, located at Sergelgatan 2 in Stockholm. The prize pool includes BitSkins vouchers totaling 105,000 SEK.

The first three Sundays of each month are qualifiers, where the winning duo advances to SUPER SUNDAY. On the fourth Sunday, SUPER SUNDAY is held, featuring both a final qualifier and playoffs where your duo can win BitSkins vouchers worth 10,000 SEK.

The grand final will be on May 12, 2024, where the four victorious teams from all previous SUPER SUNDAY events will compete for BitSkins vouchers worth 65,000 SEK.

To participate in the tournament, a valid tournament pass is required, which can be purchased at our AFK café for 99 SEK. The pass is valid only as long as you are in the tournament. Day, week, and month passes are not valid for the tournament but can be purchased for continued gaming after your tournament participation ends. Registration is easily done through the Challengermode platform; have your account ready and sign up today. Please note that the tournament is played onsite at SPACE Gaming in Stockholm, and your participation is confirmed on-site just before the tournament begins.

18 februari: Kval #7

25 februari: Super Sunday (Kval + Delfinal) #8

3 mars: Kval #9

10 mars: Kval #10

17 mars: Kval #11

24 mars: Super Sunday (Kval + Delfinal) #12

7 april: Kval #13

14 april: Kval #14

21 april: Kval #15

28 april: Super Sunday (Kval + Delfinal) #16

5 maj: Wild Card-kval #17

12 maj: Grand final