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Redeye Gaming Day 2023

22 September, 09:00–17:00


Join us in Stockholm at SPACE for a full day of interactions with excellent operators and qualified investors. Redeye’s gaming event 2022 was a success with 25 companies on stage, 500 people in the audience, more than 2 000 views of the recorded presentations, and panel discussions.

Once again, we want to create an exciting real-life event at SPACE in the heart of Stockholm. SPACE has one of the world's biggest and most advanced tv-screen on stage. During this full-day event, we will explore the future of gaming through panel discussions with people at the forefront of the industry. To achieve a comprehensive experience, participants from different parts of the gaming universe will present their companies and promote their latest releases.

Redeye’s ambition is to create an event for everyone with an interest and passion for games in all its shapes and forms. We will therefore invite institutional and professional investors, industry professionals, gaming scholars, and other important participants of the Gaming ecosystem.

Topics that we plan to discuss this year include how AI will impact the future of gaming and how small and mid-sized games will manage to be profitable with an oversupply of new games.

With Redeye Gaming Day, we strive to create a melting pot for talent, experience, and innovation. Therefore, the event will be held physically at SPACE, where the number of seats is limited.

Please visit to register for your personal invitation!