Introduction to Programming and Game Development
Level 2: Advanced Mechanics​

This course is aimed at those between the ages of 11 – 20, who have completed our first introductory course which you can find here, and want to continue developing your skills. This course is more advanced, and it is a requirement that you have taken our previous course to participate in this one. ​

We have learning sessions every Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks, and our trainers are available via Discord even outside of these times. ​

What you will learn: 

In Introduction to Programming and Game Development Level 2: Advanced Mechanics, you will delve deeper into the world of 2D game development, building on the basic knowledge from our introductory course which you can find here. With the powerful tools within GameMaker Studio 2.0, we will guide you through the advanced nuances of game design, ensuring that you gain practical experience and mastery over mechanics such as parallax scrolling, dynamic lighting and shadows, advanced physics simulations, and procedural generation. ​

You will also receive a diploma after displaying your work that certifies your skills. ​

Good to know: 

Mondays vs. Wednesdays: Unlike our first course, we will work with the more advanced mechanics over a longer period to truly master them. This means that we work actively with you at all times and we adjust the schedule based on needs. There may also be times when we choose to add voluntary sessions, at no extra cost! ​


2999 SEK for all 16 sessions. ​
You will receive a payment link when you are accepted! ​


Both the teaching and our community are on Discord, 17:30-19:00. This will be sent out to you after payment.

To do before the course starts:

  1. GameMaker 2.0  - Download for free here: - Latest version required, update before course start.​
  2. Discord    - Download for free here: ​
  3. Email- You need to have easy access to email during the course. If you don't already have an account, we recommend Gmail – ​
  4. Recommended minimum computer requirements:
  • CPU: Quad-core CPU​
  • RAM: 8 GB works, but 16 GB is always best!​
  • Graphics Card: DX11 compatible graphics card.​
  • OS: Microsoft 64bit Windows 10​
  • Hard Drive: At least 5 GB, preferably SSD but HDD works well.

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