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Yes, have a look at the ones marked with “remote”.

Our school break courses for individuals are completely free for everyone aged 11-20. We prioritize girls as it is part of our goal to increase diversity in tech. YouCanCode is also free for schools and includes meals for all participants. The cost of our After School Programs varies depending on your choice.

SPACE Academy exist physically at Space, Mäster Samuelsgatan 45. We also offer our courses digitally, people outside of Stockholm can also attend to get inspired and learn more about tech, see the courses marked as “remote”.

Teachers can register their class to our inspirational talks “You Can Code”. Young adults, 13-19 years can also enter their class info and leave contact information to their teacher. Only teachers or principals that can confirm the participation of a school class.


Yes, please let us know when applying.

Yes, you will get a diploma from True Original, which is blockchain certified.

We collaborate with several different organizations, schools and district adminstrations. Please contact

You can attend more than one course under a year but you’re not allowed to attend more than once at a time.

On our inspirational courses “You can code” the class teacher is welcome to participate. The courses are designed to be applicable for young adults aged between 13-19yrs.

Yes. Please inform us upon interest to become an ambassador at


SPACE Academy


The purpose of our courses at SPACE Academy is to democratize access to tech knowledge among teenagers aged 13 to 19. See what courses you can take with us!