Valorant is the only Esport title that can compete with Counter-Strike in the FPS genre. A mix between Counter-Strike and Overwatch, Valorant requires a high level of expertise. You can become good with one character (agent), but there are many different ones to understand. Do you know all the myriad of places to shoot Sova's arrow? Are you familiar with all strategies on Split? Do you know how to tackle the challenge of taking on a new agent or a new map?​

With the assistance of SPACE Academy and our excellent coaches, we aim to make you the best in the world. Our objective is for you to reach the pinnacle so you can proudly say, "I started at SPACE!" We'll train once a week with clear and individual goal settings. Moreover, you'll be invited to our private Discord for those training Esports at SPACE, where our coaches will be available for assistance.​

Our coaches will place genuine demands on both your behavior and abilities in matches. No matter your current skill level, you can join – we'll guide you to the top! Participants should be aged 11-17.

Those aged 11-14 are grouped together, while ages 15-19 are in another group. This can change depending on the number of participants in each group to offer the best results and experience.

What will you learn? 

As a participant, you'll learn everything from strategy, economy, choosing agents suitable for your role, making the right calls as an IGL (in-game leader), and of course, team play. We place significant emphasis on team play. Listening and being involved are among the most critical aspects of excelling in Valorant.​

Information for parents: 

For parents familiar with Esports and especially Valorant – you know the drill. For those with children passionate about this but perhaps not fully understanding it, don't worry, we got you. We invite parents to attend these events as spectators. You'll experience how the youth are trained and how coaches assist them in improving, if you so desire.​

We incorporate physical training early in the program, ensuring the youngsters' physical and mental well-being. This also helps in managing anger during matches. The youth will receive a personalized training plan that includes activities like "eating with the family" and "doing household chores." They should ensure they have time to dine with loved ones, allowing you to support their development and boost their discipline. We've noticed this also can help them in their studies.​


1999 SEK per term OR 249 SEK per session if you want to participate in a specific training session.​

There are 10 sessions per term, one per week. No training during school holidays, but there's always a scheduled session in the participant's plan. We'll send a payment link after acceptance. ​


We meet in person at SPACE every time. Meeting fellow players in person is essential for building online social skills as well. We also have a Discord where you're encouraged to play outside of the training sessions to meet your personal goals.​

Every Thursday from 17:00-19:00. Children under 13 need to be picked up, and written consent from guardians is necessary for all before letting them leave on their own.

NOTE: A minimum of 10 registrations is needed for the training to proceed. For those wishing to participate digitally, we'll commence in the next term, starting from January onwards.

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