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With our vision as a guiding star – to democratize access to knowledge and networks in tech – we offer courses in coding, programming, and game development. Our goal is that everyone, regardless of their background and experience, should be given the same opportunity to pursue a career in tech.

The purpose of our courses is to democratize access to knowledge within tech. This is also a part of Sweden’s national digitalization strategy – to boost interest in tech education at universities.


Introduction to Code and Game Development

Introduction to Code and Game Development

Developing games is a mix of technical skills, artistic spirit, and playing well within a team.

Join us and learn to create your own unique 2D game, where you’ll learn everything from programing, design, and even the graphical elements of game development. At the end of the course, you will have the skills to create your own game from the ground up!

You Can Code

You Can Code

A three hours introduction to the tech industry and a course in coding.

During “You Can Code” at SPACE Academy students will get a grounded view of tech and programming in real life by listening to one of our speakers from the tech industry, and having the opportunity to ask any question that they come up with. They will get a chance to apply tech and programming creatively with our own computers and educators and get motivated to keep learning. Our goal is to help them to a path that leads to being part of the future within tech.

Common questions and answers

Our school break courses for individuals are completely free for everyone aged 11-20. We prioritize girls as it is part of our goal to increase diversity in tech. YouCanCode is also free for schools and includes meals for all participants. The cost of our After School Programs varies depending on your choice.

Yes, have a look at the ones marked with “remote”.

Yes, please let us know when applying.

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Focusing on inclusion and inspiration, we want to identify the gaps — the knowledge that’s lacking and the growing opportunities out there — and empower people to develop the skills needed to succeed.
By educating youth, lifting role models and engaging future employers we can make a real impact. We want to nurture upcoming talent, raise curiosity and empower the next generation to dive deep into the possibilities of tech development.

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