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You Can Code

Introduction course

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The introduction course “You Can Code” builds on a three step model. During a three hour lecture, students will get a grounded view of tech and programming in real life, apply tech and programming creatively on a real case and get motivation to life long learning as an introduction to future career choices.


  • Part 1 (1h): An inspirational speaker from one of the most attractive employers in the world tell their story and how they ended up in the tech industry.
  • Part 2 (1h): How is coding and tech connected and how are they applied in different companies.
  • Part 3 (1h): Students learn how to apply programming in a new and motivating way.

No prerequisites needed.

Who is eligible for this course?
Anyone 13-19 years old.

Date & time:
One occasion every week, please find a date in sign up form below or in our calendar.

IRL courses will be held at Space Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 45.
Digital courses will be held online and all information on how to attend will be sent out in advance.

Most of our courses are in Swedish.

If you are interested in a course in English, please contact us at

Next Course:

Title: You Can Code (Dec 2)
Date: 2022-12-02
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 am
Available spots: 23
Cost: free
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