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15.00 – 03.00 Fri – Sat
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Introduction to Coding


In collaboration with Hello World!

“Introduction to Coding” gives you an intro to programming and digital creation. This bootcamp course goes through the basics of creating, individually and in groups. Students will learn how to give instructions to a computer, as well as learn the basics of Scratch and Python in an experience-based way. The bootcamp provides an anchored view of programming in practice. “Introduction to Coding” is connected to the curriculum for grade 6-9 as well as high schools, and lays a foundation for future internships within tech.


  • Introduction & Creativity– Creativity through coding.
  • How is programming used today – Visually understand how a calculator, emojis etc. are coded.
  • Introduction to Scratch – A simple way to learn how to code!
  • Introduction to Python – Why is Python on of the ultimate coding languages and how to use it in your chosen project.
  • Inspirational talks – Inspirational talks from representatives from attractive companies in Sweden.
  • Code your future– Chose a project or interest to code.

Final presentation of a project and ceremony with a diploma.

No prerequisites needed.

Who is eligible for this course?
Anyone 13-19 years old.

Date & time:
Daily 9.30AM – 3.30PM

IRL: February 28 to March 5 2022
IRL: April 11-14 2022 (OBS! Mon-Thu 9AM-4PM)
IRL: June 27 – July 1 2022
IRL: October 31 – November 4 2022

Digital: July 11-15 2022
Digital: July 18 – 22 2022
Digital: October 31 – November 4 2022

Physical courses will be held at Space Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 45. Digital courses will be held online. All information on how to attend will be sent out in advance.

Course language:

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