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Frequently asked questions

Find our most common questions and answers below.

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Are teachers able to participate during courses?

On our inspirational courses “You can code” the class teacher is welcome to participate. The bootcamps are designed to be applicable for young adults aged between 13-19yrs.

Can I become an ambassador for Space Academy at my school, and how?

Yes. Please inform us upon interest to become an ambassador at

Do you collaborate with the educational sector in Stockholm?

We collaborate with several different organizations, schools and district adminstrations.

Do you offer digital courses?

Yes, our inspirational talks will be available digitally for schools. We will also offer our bootcamps online. Other tech inspirational content will also be available online for everyone.

Does Space Academy only exist in Stockholm?

At first, during 2022, Space Academy will exist physically at Space, Mästersamuelsgatan 45. Since we also offer our courses digitally, people outside of Stockholm can also attend to get inspired and learn more about tech. In the future Space Academy might expand to outside of Stockholm and Sweden. Stay tuned on our website and via our Instagram.

How can my company collaborate with Space Academy?

There are several collaboration possibilities. Please contact us at

How do I register for the introduction course “You Can Code”?

Teachers can register their class to our inspirational talks “You Can Code” at our website. Young adults, 13-19 years can also enter their class info and leave contact information to their teacher. Only teachers or principals that can confirm the participation of a school class.

How do I register to a bootcamp?

Young adults, 13-19 years can register themselves and enter their parents/caregivers contact information here.

How much do your courses cost?

All of our inspirational talks and bootcamps are free for young adults between 13-19 years old.

I don’t have a computer, can you provide one?

When registrating your interest to our Bootcamps there will be a section where you can enter special requirements. Computers and other course material will be provided by Space Academy.

Is Space Academy a school?

No, Space Academy is not a school. We are a company that wants to inspire and educate young adults in tech. We offer inspirational talks and six-day bootcamps, all free of charge for young adults.

May I participate in several courses at the same time?

You may be registered to several courser throughout the year but you cannot attend two courses at the same time as we require attendence on our courses.

What bootcamps will you offer?

During 2022 we will offer bootcamps “Introduction to Coding” and “Introduction to Game Development”. 2023 and onwards we will extend our offer. Stay updated via our website and our Instagram.

What courses do you offer?

We offer the 3 hour long introduction course You Can Code, aimed towards school classes, every Tuesday throughout the year. We also offer Bootcamp courses during school breaks. The first Bootcamps during 2022 will be Introduction to Coding and Introduction to Game Development.

What do you learn at an Introduction course?

Our Introduction course consists of three parts/sections. During Part 1 an inspirational Keynote speaker shares an overview of tech and their story towards tech. During Part 2, an expert speaker shares a company application of tech, demonstrating how tech (programming, AI, Gaming etc) is being applied at their company. Part 3, is a workshop with the students, where they get to apply coding and create simple code. Read more about the course here.

What is an ambassadorship for Space Academy?

Space Academy has established partnering organizations and schools with young people who have a special interest in learning in coding or game development. These young people register their interest in becoming ambassadors through As an ambassador, you can represent Space Academy at your current or previous school. Ambassadors receive presentation material and support in being able to answer questions that arise about Space Academy.

What is Space Academy

Space Academy is a tech hub for youth, aiming to inspire and create future career opportunities within digital and tech. By offering courses and bootcamps in programming, game development, inspirational courses and more – and partnering up with big players in the tech industry – we make space for future talent. We want to close the tech knowledge gap, enabling a society where learning about tech and developing digital skills is available to everyone – regardless of background or where they come from.

What knowledge will I gain from the Introduction to Coding bootcamp?

In the Introduction to Coding bootcamp you will be introduced to to the most attractive languages ​​in programming – Scratch & Python – that will help you to become more creative in collaborations. Whether you are interested in music, gaming, social impact or fashion, you will be able to apply coding in real projects that are related to important social issues. At the end of the week, you will be able to present your project of choice. You will receive a diploma at the end of the course which you can use to apply for your first internship in IT / tech.



What knowledge will I gain from the Introduction to Game Development bootcamp?

During the bootcamp Introduction to Game Development you will be introduced to the different elements within game development. That regards everything from developing a game idea, designing it and finally developing and putting the game together. At the end of the bootcamp you will have developed a demo for a game map that you can play.

What will you provide during your bootcamp “Introduction to Coding”?

Introduction to coding by a teacher and coaches from the most attractive Swedish organisations. Space Academy presents the tech world through experience based learning. For a more detailed curriculum, click here.

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