A religion without a church

Hockey fans have rinks, soccer fans fields, believers their place of worship, but a new generation brought up online still lack a central place to congregate to share their interests. That’s where the idea of Space was born. Set to open 2021 in the heart of Stockholm, Space will combine music, gaming and content creation under one roof. A place that connects human beings and where everyone can thrive in their creativity and have a stronger sense of belonging. In short, Space will be the natural place of gathering in the physical world for the generation of digital natives.


A thrilling gaming destination and esport arena that redefines the gaming experience with state-of-the-art computers and consoles provided by partners for casual and competitive gamers. The gaming center will feature over 500 fully equipped stations in an open and varied environment – making it one of the biggest permanent gaming venues in the world.


Unique and immersive music experiences for fans and creators including live performances in the arena, pop-up gigs and studio sessions. Production workshops, audio engineering classes and more, makes Space a place for established and aspiring artists to flourish.

Content Creation

Music-, podcast- and video studios for digital media production will become a natural meeting place for creators, esport ambassadors, influencers and artists alike. The content creation hub will offer fully equipped production resources to unleash both talent and stories.